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Friday, 15 July 2011

Day 12 - Another Rest Day in Dartmouth!

Good morning Britain!
Awoke at 8.30 and started updating blog

With the internet connection I have, it takes ages to upload photos (about 10-15 mins for each photo sometimes), so I was really pleased with myself to discover a new way of adding photos at much better speed!

It initially worked really well, and the blog looked great so I was encouraged to continue.  I spent the whole morning (3 hours) continuing and have now discovered that  none of my newly added photos will load when the blog is opened!  What have I done!
However, I have now wasted so much time and my sailing studies have been ignored - I'm now re-prioritising!

Weather not so good today, much colder and a chill breeze so Im on lockdown in my cabin and getting my books out!  

I will look for somewhere with better internet connection to upload photos later - but fear Dartmouth may be far too posh for a McDonald or Starbucks store!

Be patient while I try to rectify this.......bloody computers!  

Its now tomorrow.......couldnt face doing this blog again after what happened!  So upset - never mind - onwards and upwards - photos to be added later!

The boat was Round Britain Experience University today!  A hive of activity and study.  Chris lost her phone last night so went into Paignton today to get a replacement, so she avoided most of the "angst"  I locked myself into my cabin as I couldnt bear to hear about all their calculations of tidal curves, secondary ports from Pete and John.  You see, I havent reached that part of the manual, and still getting to grips with port and starboard tacks so it just added to my feeling of inadequacy   So, i-pod in ears and doors firmly closed I continued my own personal study - getting no where fast!
Excellent students at work

A good example for yacht master studies

Chris finds a nice quiet spot!
Of course - no photos of me studying so you will just have to take my word for it!

At 4pm I really had enough, and thought it was about time I got dressed (honest!) so I took a shower - to find the pump is not emptying it - so the majority of my shower involved use of the sink - finishing with a mop and bucket to clear up afterwards - is it Fri 13th today?

All redeemed at dinner as my new BBC One Pot Cooking Google search proved fruitful as the Sausage and Lentil One Pot I concocted was delicious - served with lashings of mashed potatoes.  Our rich neighbours were having steak and they sniggered a little when I told them we were having sausage and mash - but what they didnt know was our sausages were in a red wine sauce - ha!

Dinner finished, study ignored, we made our way to the Dartmouth Arms to join our new friends Sonya and Jim as they had 2 new friends join them.

I sat next to a lovely family from Holland who were leaving for London and gave them tourist advise - with text consultation from my guide down there - Francesca!  

Next I sat by Paul - friend of Sonya and Jim who had just arrived having sailed from Edinburgh via the West route.  His eyes were blood shot - I wasnt sure if it was the Doonbar he was drinking or the fact he didnt sleep last night as his boat "was in pain in Loo"  Strange these sailors!  He explained what that meant, but Im not going to tell you here as I think you will have more fun without the facts thinking about that one!

I told him how I was trying to block out Pete and John's chat about tidal curves as I've not got to that bit yet - and he said - "I'll tell you what you need to learn" and as anticipated, he reached into his pocket for his i-phone as it has an ap which does instant calculations of this for you.  I said "I dont think that will cut the mustard with the examiner in my Yacht Master exam, he told me that I will have to be firrm and tell them "there is nothing wrong with using a f***kin i-phone..........I will remember that one!

A couple of pints of Doonbar later we returned to the boat and I crashed out ready for study tomorrow.......First Aid!

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